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Each of your regularly scheduled dental checkups plays a critical role in helping you maintain a healthy mouth. These outpatient appointments start with a professional dental cleaning followed by our dentist performing a comprehensive dental exam to detect any early signs of cavities and other oral health conditions.

If you notice a change in one of your teeth in between your dental checkups you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Edward Garry. With early detection, a cavity that affects a single surface of a tooth can be treated by applying a simple dental filling.

Treating a problem like this starts by numbing the tooth and surrounding oral tissues. At that point our dentist will carefully remove all areas of tooth decay while also preparing a suitable surface to bond the dental filling material.

Once it has been applied and secured in place the dental filling will restore the tooth’s structural integrity and basic function in your mouth.

Making minor improvements in your daily oral hygiene routine and remembering to attend your dental checkups will help maintain the dental filling while also reducing your chances of suffering a cavity on another tooth.

If you live in Greenfield, Indiana, area and you have noticed something wrong with one of your teeth, you need to call 317-462-1252 to have it diagnosed and treated at Greenfield Family Dentistry.