With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Edward Garry has earned respect from patients and colleagues as a practitioner and leader in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Garry has a long list of accomplishments, but what patients remember most is his gentle, caring manner.

“When I give a patient a mirror at the end of a case, it makes my whole career choice worthwhile.”

Dr. Garry has all the latest technology at his fingertips, but he believes that his most important asset is how he treats his patients. Dr. Garry’s top priority is to never hurt a patient.

“We don’t believe in telling our patients that it’s only going to hurt for a moment. Our whole team is committed to a pain-free, pleasant experience for the patient.”

Dr. Edward Garry received his bachelor’s degree in biology and life sciences from Indiana State University, progressing to Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicines, where he obtained his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree. Dr. Edward Garry has owned and operated many dental practices in central Indiana, changing smiles and training new dentists in his wake. Meticulous in his practice, Dr. Garry continues to passionately pursue learning to give his patients the highest quality of care and access to innovations in dentistry.