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Colder weather exposes your skin to the elements, but it can also affect your mouth and lips, since the air tends to be drier. See what is the best way to keep your teeth healthy this winter in today’s blog.

Being outside and playing in the snow can result in thrown snowballs smacking you in the mouth or the cold drying your lips. Winter can be a great time to learn about what common cold weather complaints we see at Greenfield Family Dentistry and what you can do about them.

Canker Sores

In winter, you may notice an increase in canker sores, which could be the result in over-indulgence of yummy goodies from the holidays. Foods high in acid, such as cider or eating spicy treats, can be a recipe for canker sores. It may be difficult to completely avoid those foods or beverages; however, if you’re suffering, you may want to try swishing a mixture of half-cup water with a teaspoon of salt, which will help clean the sores and result in faster healing.

Cold Sores

The harsh winter sun can be brutal on your lips and result in cold sore breakouts. Spending time in the cold can make cold sores much worse, especially after you’ve been sick, and your immune system is trying to recover from the virus. The best thing to do for cold sores is to protect the skin around your mouth and ensure your hands are clean to avoid spreading the viral bacteria. Reducing stress is also helpful.

Tooth Sensitivity

Cold temperatures and wind can leave your teeth feeling sore, so using a desensitizing toothpaste can cut back on the irritation.

Utilizing these tips will help keep your mouth and lips protected during the winter season in Greenfield, Indiana; however, call the dentist at 317-462-1252 for a consultation with Dr. Edward Garry if you need more aggressive treatment.