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Do you have a need to replace teeth but are looking for something other than bridges or dentures? You might consider a dental implant for a stronger replacement than a bridge or a denture could give.

Implants are often cylindrical posts that are placed into your jaw bone through your gum tissue. Instead of a post, they can also come as a frame. The implants serve as strong foundations for artificial teeth.

Now even though implants involve inserting a metal post into your bone, you need not be concerned. People who have implants often feel more comfortable than those who have dentures.

Because they are rooted in the jaw bone, implants have less chances of coming loose than a denture. This bone support can also make speaking and eating a little easier than with a denture.

They can also provide advantages over dental bridges. Dental bridges often involve altering teeth next to empty spaces in your smile, often by shaving them down. This provides an anchor for the bridge, but it can put those shaved teeth at greater risk because their defenses are reduced.

Now the problems with bridges can be averted with proper care, but most implants avoid those problems by not involving surrounding teeth. Some forms of implants do use surrounding teeth, but most do not.

While an implant can provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth, note that there are some preconditions to getting it. You must have healthy gums and enough bone in your jaw. Without enough bone, the implant cannot offer the support it could provide. You can try some bone grafting procedures to get better bone structure, but even this has its limits.

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