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Our team at Greenfield Family Dentistry understands that the parents of our young patients are deeply invested in helping their children to have healthy oral habits throughout their lives. Helping your child have effective oral hygiene habits establishes a good foundation to avoid dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

To assist you in encouraging your child to develop good oral hygiene habits like flossing, our team is pleased to offer a few insights. For example, you can support your child in brushing their teeth twice a day by providing a child-sized toothbrush that features their favorite character and purchasing flavored toothpaste for children so that they want to brush often.

Flossing is one of the critical practices in maintaining oral health, yet it can often be challenging to a child to accomplish. Obviously, your child’s mouth has much less space, which can make it somewhat awkward to access every single tooth. You can help your child in the early years by spooling the floss string around your pinky fingers to help you effectively reach the very back teeth. To provide further encouragement, you can use fun stickers to reward for consistent flossing and brushing habits.

As your child develops their manual dexterity, they can begin to try flossing on their own using a tool such as a floss stick, which is helpful to many children until they are old enough to begin using traditional dental floss. Using a waxed dental floss can help your child avoid gum damage by snapping the string between teeth and forcing it into the gums. If your child is struggling, the use of dental tape may be beneficial.

If you have questions about encouraging your child to have good oral hygiene in Greenfield, Indiana, we invite you to call Greenfield Family Dentistry at 317-462-1252 to speak with our dentist, Dr. Edward Garry.