oral surgeryHere at Greenfield Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer oral surgery to our patients. Oral surgery is considered a dental specialty. Only certain dentists go through the rigorous training and extra education that is required to be considered an oral surgeon. We are very excited to have oral surgeons at our practice who are exceptional at what they do!

Oral surgery involves any surgery to the oral cavity, whether you suffer from dental disease, acquire injuries to your mouth, or have a defect.

Some of the surgeries we perform are tooth removal (especially with impacted teeth) and dental implants. We also diagnose and treat diseases using surgery. In many cases, we have to perform a tissue biopsy to diagnose and treat the exact issue. We are also proud to offer cosmetic surgeries so that our patients can be happy with their smiles.

Our practice is thrilled to offer oral surgery in Greenfield, Indiana. We are constantly learning and upgrading our office, allowing us to offer the very best techniques to our patients. We want to be able to help in ways that are easy and convenient for our patients.

If you have any questions about oral surgery, or if you think you need an examination, feel free to contact us today at 317-462-1252 to set up a consultation with Dr. Edward Garry.