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Keeping your smile healthy involves seeing your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams. When you come in, our dedicated dental team will evaluate your dental health and give your teeth a good cleaning. Using X-rays, our dentist will check for problems and provide appropriate treatment options. In addition, your teeth will be cleaned, removing hardened tartar deposits, receive a thorough flossing, and polishing.

To help keep your smile in tip-top shape, you might consider speaking with your dentist about questions or concerns you have about your smile:

1- Oral Health: Consult with our dentist on how best to keep your smile free from cavities and gingivitis. Diet plays a role, eating a balanced diet and limiting sugary snacks, brushing twice a day and flossing once a day, and having professional dental cleanings twice yearly.

2- Sensitive teeth: If you experience tooth sensitivity or pain when you eat or drink hot, cold, sticky, acidic, or sweet items, your tooth enamel has likely eroded allowing your dentin or tooth pulp to be exposed. Tooth sensitivity arises when the gums are receding (or pulling away from the teeth), you have bruxism (grinding of teeth in your sleep), or you have a chipped or fractured tooth.

3- Tooth staining: Tooth stains can arise from a variety of factors. Our dentist is happy to help you find ways to restore luster to your teeth, depending on the type of discoloration. For example, stains from external sources like eating or drinking staining items, such as coffee, tea, wine, berries, or tomato sauce, are considered extrinsic causes. Intrinsic staining occurs within the tooth, which can happen because of a medical condition or treatment, or even from medications. So, depending on the cause, our dentist might recommend teeth whitening, dental veneers or composite bonding to restore your pearly whites.

If you would like to schedule your next cleaning, our dentist, Dr. Edward Garry is here for you. Please call Greenfield Family Dentistry in Greenfield, Indiana, at 317-462-1252 to maintain your beautiful smile!