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Fluoride is a natural mineral. It is an important part of our teeth, particularly the enamel. Fluoride can increase the strength of your enamel and fortify it against tooth decay. We can help you and your family get additional fluoride by putting it directly on your teeth.

The process is very simple. We apply the fluoride in the form of a varnish, gel or foam. This placement allows your enamel to absorb more of the mineral into itself. From there, the fluoride becomes part of the enamel structure, and it helps the enamel absorb other necessary minerals like phosphorus and calcium. The enamel gets stronger this way, which helps it hold out against tooth decay.

Fluoride can be found in many sources, including the tap water in some areas and toothpastes. We recommend that you use fluoride toothpastes and drink fluoridated water when you can to help you get a continuous supply. Even then, you can still benefit from our treatment so you can get a little extra boost every so often.

Our treatment can be helpful in many different circumstances. If you have children, we can apply some fluoride during their regular checkup to reduce their chances of getting a cavity. If you find yourself contending with gum disease, dry mouth or anything that increases your risk of cavities, we can help you avoid this problem by applying this treatment.

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